Ancestral Financial Planning 6-week group Financial Coaching Program

Learn your ancestral money story, organize your life, and build a legacy!

Beta Class Closed! We’ll be back Q4!

Beta Class Closed!

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Eugenie George is the #Money & #Flow Queen!

“Seriously! Her straight forward attitude, unique sense of humor and extensive knowledge around finance and flow take the "work" out of finances. She helped my husband and I make an incredible plan to increase our profits, find flow in our business process and make sound and thoughtful decisions with our money. She goes deep, it's not about numbers (in the beginning), she takes you through the roots of your wealth consciousness, looking deep into your ancestral make-up and helps you break free from limiting beliefs about YOURSELF and YOUR MULAH!

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I had systems for my businesses but now I have money systems for my life!

Antoinette Minor

AFP 6 Week Curriculum


Where are you? How did you get here?

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Week 1: Lift the veil

You will have an in-depth understanding of your money history. The history you’ve never been taught. Because 95 % of money books were written by males. We’ll use researched-based analysis and find out your families history and how that plays a role in how you spend your money.

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Week 2: Getting personal

We find out where are you right now. As you reflect and understand yourself and your money story through activities and homework you will be able to understand your habits, you will be able to understand how why, when and how your fear shows up and your ancestry play a large role in your money story. You are allowing you to take actions to reframe your Money Narrative


Design Thinking: Where are you going? How do you get there?

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Week 3: Goal Setting

This week we create a safe space to find out exactly what your purpose. We push and find out what are your authentic values and what’s the goals. This week is where we learn about setting dope goals that you use as fuel to propel your values and dreams.

Levers: Getting from here to there.

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Week 4+5: Networks and systems

These weeks we create a safe space to find out exactly what your purpose. We push and find out what are your authentic values and what’s the goals. This week is where we learn about setting dope goals that you use as fuel to propel your values and find the actual numbers to your dream lifestyle. It’s one thing to manifest its another to find the true price.

Math at Last!

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Week 6: Budgets on Budgets on Budgets

This week we’re going to create a money and cash flow system that matches you. We will talk negotiation power and find out how much you are worth. This one is an eye- opener because we will find out create an actionable plan for the next year.

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Here’s what you’ll receive


6-Weekly Group Calls

Each call is an hour long with15 minute Q & A at the end. You will also receive a replay recording of each call for life-time access. 

Personalized Homework

After each call you will receive an email with detailed and individualized homework to push you further into embracing your ancestry and money story.

Free Mini-Course

Access to my Ancestral Financial Money Archetype Mini-Course ($97 Value)

Unlimited Access To All Course Content

You will get access to Money Mindfulness tools, resources, and much more to guide you in the right path!

Private Money and Flow Community

You will have access to private membership community that will offer guidance and offer support while building life-long connections!

30-Minute 1:1 Call with ME! ($97 Value)

Let’s get real and create a safe space to understand what is blocking you from your money. Is it organization, math anxiety, or family getting in the way? Together will break down the walls that you’ve unconsciously built.


It’s time for you to take control of your money and become the boss babe you are! It’s time to slay, a new formation will become available to you as you level up to the task and release your inner bae!


“HOL Up They don’t love like I love you.”

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This is a life changing program for women and women of color (Asian, African, Native, Latinx) who have tried everything and who want to break the curse in your family. You got your foot in the door and I know what it takes to embrace fear and become a power boss bae.


This Program IS for you IF...

●      You know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working.

●      You have been searching, hoping, and praying for a better way of life.

●      You are ready to take control of your money journey.

●      Your life right now isn’t what you envisioned it being before you had kids or a partner.

●      You’re a go-getter who likes to take action, but wants the truth.

●      You’re done with constant stress from finances.

●      You don’t know where to go and you’ve been looking for the right tribe.

●      You want to participate in your own success, and you are weary of the financial industry.



This Program is NOT for you IF...

●      You think you have the right way to invest/save/ spend

●      You’re a get rich scheme person. You want money fast.

●      You’re not looking for new possibilities in life.

●      You’re a huge complainer or whiner who holds the belief that nothing ever goes right. You get mad at the system and is not willing to step outside the box and try something new.

●      Maybe this isn’t for you, and that is totally fine.

●      You want to get into “investing” or bitcoin.

But think about this How much more of your life are you willing to spend like this?

You have the chance to do something about it NOW!


+ Why are we not jumping into money and budgeting immediately?

I can geek out on numbers, but it’s not until we figure out what the root problem is to solve the problem.

+Are we going to learn investing?

Yes and No, as an MBA/CFP® candidate I’m very clear of the rules, so we will look at investments, but I do not tell you where you put your investments.

Do I have to be an expert at budgeting??

No way. You come as you are, and we build a money tribe around you.

+Do I have be a woman for this coaching program?

Yes, this process is designed for individuals that identify as women, for this process

+How can this help my business or side hustle/business?

This helps you get clear on how much you want to make and if your business matches your ideal lifestyle.


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