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Eugenie is a keynote speaker on equity and Millennial money engagement in the workplace. As a former teacher brings excitement to the stage with engaging stories and data that can help multigenerational bridge together a the Millennial gap. 

Below are a few of the conversations Eugenie covers for organizations, corporations, and colleges:

Millennial Women of Color

I will break down the broad of conversation of why women of color aren't sitting at the table. I will break down retaining strategies for women in the corporate level. 

Don’t Panic! Money Strategies

Over four years of research and hundreds of interviews. I explain how 20 somethings can overcome their crisis and turn it into a money breakthrough. Note this will not require quitting and job and finding one self. 

Retention Strategies

Eugenié, uses strategies from her company, The Quarter Design that helps Millennials help them find their path. She uses the C.O.A.C.H Method™ to help people train and financially coach Millennials 

Eugenie also partners with On the Goga a Corporate Wellness Company

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Currently, Eugenie works with On the Goga for Corporate Wellness Events. 


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