The Broke and Beautiful Life Book Review


After a recent article in Refinery 29  there’s been a lot of heated debate between how women should live and spend their money in the city. Here’s the thing, whether you agree with city spending habits, living in city can be a difficult thing, but one can still maintain wealth, and not growing up in a wealthy family.


Recently, I teamed up with Teach For America Philadelphia  and we had the pleasure of talking chatting about Stefanie O’Connell, The Broke and Beautiful Life. Here are some quick tips that we learned from our city slicker and how she saved money in the Big Apple. 


  1. Forgive Yourself

How many times have you forgot make a payment or overspend?💸💸💸💸 For me it's too many to count! We have to learn how to forgive ourselves for our money habits and spending. Reading Stefanie book ensured women that it’s okay to not be alright with your money. On dozens accounts the book discussed the need to understand your money habits and learn what works right for you.


Money is always a tricky subject, and Stefanie uses a guilt-free way of describing money. There are only few books that have that guilt-free ways of money. Most money books describe how you should be. 


  1. Not everyone has the same money mindset

Have you ever been in a conversation with your family that no one agrees with each other? You can think of money that way too. Each person has a different mindset, personality, and social style and for some crazy reason we make everyone understand money in a one size fits all. This is not at all effective and when it comes to money we always have wealthy people telling us how we so make money.

Stefanie’s take on money mindset is on the path the same path as many financial feminist. In the book she provides options for ways of saving money between couponing and shopping, Stefanie


3.     Sacrifice a short period of time for long term gains

Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s better that you hear it from me than from your mom. If you take out

4. Treat Money like Your Best Friend

Did you know that people treat money like people? Yeah, there have been countless studies that discuss how people treat money like a person. You ever have friend that hate’s banks, because they are evil? It’s because they treat a bank, an object like a person. Yikes!!!!

If you are in the same boat, start thinking about money as your best friend. How do you treat them? Stefanie, didn’t verbally say that money was her friend, but if you watch a video of her, you see how she changed her mindset from money being a bad bf to enjoying her time with money. ( include video)

This book is a great introduction to money and making it in the city. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has a brief overview of money. I also recommend this book to people who need to shake off the same of money. In the next article I we’ll discuss how to access your Money and Flow.



Eugenie George