Our Money Stories: Activate Your Financial Wellness Plan from an Ancestral Lens.

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An Unorthodox Guide to Financial Planning through history, ancestry to activate your money through a holistic guide to financial wellness.

Genre: Personal Finance and Financial Wellness

Length: 150 pages.

Upcoming Release Date: October 2019

Available in print or ebook on Amazon- Apple Books, Nook and 50+ Book Distribution sites 

Have you ever thought about how your history , ancestry, and environment plays a role in your money habits? 

It is very rare that people connect their personal history with their health, wealth, relationships and career the dots to their money. This is particularly when it comes to women and Women of Color because when it comes to money we still have the same linear conversation about money: Save, pay down debt, and build wealth. But what if we could create a holistic view of our money? What if we could build our own narrative about money and the stories we tell ourselves?

Eugenie ́ George was stuck with this question and for two years she went on a quest to find out. You see Eugenie spent her 20s as an elementary teacher. She enjoyed learning about money, She just had no clue how to build it into wealth. 

She stumbled upon Financial Planning field was hooked, but the problem was NO ONE she knew was talking about how the financial planning. She also noticed that industry was still a largely unwelcoming place for women and Women of Color. So she started teaching classes on financial wellness using women’s historical background to activate their money stories. 

Written specially  for Women and Women of Color in their 20s and 30s, this book provides practical, but also woo-woo strategies to create your own  personal financial planning toolkit.

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Hi I’m Eugenie´ (u-jin-nay) MBA, CFEI Candidate for CFP® Certification.

My mission on this earth is to make financial planning 💸 relevant and accessible for millennial women and women of color.

I spent my 20s as a teacher, and a tech enthusiast. I created a practical life for several years.

I enjoyed learning about money, I just had no clue how to build it into wealth. 

But I always knew something was missing…

I wanted a non-traditional approach for my money story and when I couldn’t find it I discovered financial wellness field

When I still couldn’t see an honest approach that was practical, but woo-woo approach to dealing with money

So I wrote a book, started a podcast, and created a new non-traditional way of thinking 

To uncover the stress and help others to live their best financial lives.

I'm currently money coaching, blogging, podcasting, freelance writing, and teaching financial wellness in corporations full-time.

I am a Certified Financial Educator, and I earned my MBA at South University, and  I'm taking the CFP® exam — in July 2020

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