The Money and Flow Podcast

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The Ugly Truth

Did you know that women and women of color don't talk that much about money? Did you also know that most women are not in the for-front of decision making? We're here to change that. The first podcast that focuses on wellness and money. Women in wellness often talk about work out routines and food regimes, but what is the real cost of being mentally, physically, and financially healthy? This is first podcast where we get real honest about vinyasa and cash flows.

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Women of Color

I specifically highlight Women of Color (Native American, African American, Latina, and Asian American) because there is power in economic numbers. My goal is to help women of color to reach financial freedom through financial planning and understand their ancestry and help others do the same.

Let’s take care of your cash and vinyasa flows

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Hi I’m Eugenie´ (u-jin-nay)

I am a podcast host, Certified Financial Educator, MBA/CFP student, Author 📗. I’ve had a lot of financial and yoga hiccups. Now I’m sharing all the information I can to help women in their 20s and 30s. My mission on this earth is to make financial planning 💸 relevant and accessible for millennial women. Oh and I change my hair a lot…


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