There is power in numbers

Here is a list of researched resources to help you your health and wealth in 2019.

I change my hair a lot…

I change my hair a lot…



Black Girls in Om: They have a great weekly Twitter chat

Rina Yoga: created the first Spanish Speaking Yoga Certification classes in the US.

Yoga with Adriene: Youtube videos for free 99

Mental Health

Therapy for Black Girls Directory: If you need a culturally competent therapist Dr. Joy has complied a list of services to Black women and girls.

Therapy for Latinx: A complete directory of life coaches, therapy, counseling and can provide virtual services.

Asian American Therapist: Psychology Today compiled a list of therapist around the US

Native American Directory: Psychology Today compiled a list of therapist around the US

Betterhelp: Affordable and virtual therapist

Talkspace: Affordable and Virtual therapist


Tuck Sleep: Without sleep we can’t become the best version of ourselves.

Money Bloggers

**There are soooo many folks in personal finance, but I chose folks in the financial field

Jeff Rose CFP®: Over ten years of blogging and offers great tips for families.

The Belle Curve: Blair duQuesnay, CFA®, CFP® is an investment advisor and she is one of the few females on the investment side that blogs.

Finances Demystified: Dominique Broadway worked in the financial industry and has a great podcast!


Free Money Advice

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: After the 2008 crash, the Obama administration created the CFBU to help people behind on their bills, how to access free financial reports, you can get any publication mailed to you.

Debator’s Anonymus: AA has partner in crime, this is if you are completely stuck and feel as if you have no way out.



I’ve been blessed enough to have Allies ask me about race and wealth, read these are both good overviews


Money Communities

Dead Day Job Army: Financial independence & Generational Wealth for People of Color from two bad shut yo mouth Certified Financial Planners. I love my Brunch and Budget folks with all my heart

Clevergirl Finance: it cost $10 dollars a month, but think of it as investing 10 dollars in yourself.

Empify: Perfect for students of all ages

You can’t Dream Big Without a Plan

We talk a lot about DIYing Your Finances on the Money and Flow Podcast


Financial Planning

Here are just a few of Certified Financial Planners that I know and trust

On-Route Financial: Specializes in Entrepreneurship, Couples and Newlyweds

Dead Day Job Army: Specializes in People of Color

Modern Money Advisor: ANGELA MOORE, CFP®

Your Greatest Contributions: Rianka Dorsainvil  CFP®, founder of Your Greatest Contribution.

For the Corporate Type- Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies.

For the Tech-Savvy folks-Hello Grove

For The Millennial that just got a Pay Raise- Facet Wealth

For the Wellness folks- Worth Winning

For the Rebel Type -Stash Wealth

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