Book Review: You are a Badass At Making Money

“ If you make too much money he (her husband) will leave you... That is not true. My husband has a job for a hobby.” Ally Wong


Money Mindset: You A Bad Ass At Making Money


You are a badass at making money. How do I know that? Well... If you are reading about money post you are stepping in the right direction. You want to make your money grow, but you need a little push to see your money grow, but don’t know how.


Like Michael Jackson said... YOU are not ALONE.


Unfortunately, women don’t hear enough success stories about other women making money. Many women have heard more negative comments of women asking for more money or becoming the breadwinners in their family.


As women, we need constant reminders of our abilities to kick ass and make money. In my last article the two f-words everyone hates, we talked about how women we can take actionable steps to become financial feminist. In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can take your feminist mystic and learn from the master of manifesting money Jen Sincero.  


Jen Sincero is known for the book You Are A Badass. In a nutshell, Jen talks about the ability to manifest your dreams, by changing your mindset. Using positive thinking tactics scientifically have the ability to positively change your mindset. YOU Are A Badass at Making Money

 (YBMM) is the prequal of the book. YBMM talks a lot about numbers. How to get clear on your money goals and how to change your mindset.


A couple of a months ago I saw Jen speak at the Philadelphia Free Library and she gave us practical steps to help women understand their money mindset.

1)    Focus on the Hell Yes!


Between Shonda Rhimes and Jen the key to making more money is focusing on yes more than no. If you are going to a happy hour that you don’t want to do it say NO! If something feels right particularly comes to your money take the leap and say hell yes! Women have the power to enhance their intuition if they listen to their gut instead of the gram.


2)    Take Money Risk

In our everyday lives we take risk, but how many of them means financially investing in our future. Do you want to start a business? Are you interested in investing, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to write a book? All of these are questions that involve money risk. Jen mentioned getting really clear on the risk that you are taking and talk about how much it is going to help you reach financial freedom.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.48.27 PM.png





3)    Stop victimizing your money story

This is hard for many of us. Especially when 70 percent of us are living paycheck to paycheck.  Most of us have a tendency to freak out about money 24/7. Or we are so carefree that the thought of B-B-Budget makes us cringe. Even the accomplishing the American Dream involves embracing the struggle and overcoming hardship.


Being aware of the reality of your money helps you own your story. Money is the number one cause of stress, but instead of freaking out about it, write a journal entry about how you got your first job. Your first paycheck. Think about how money has provided you with opportunities of a lifetime.



Your money story makes you strong.



4)    Play to Win

One of the most interesting things to know is that wealthy people see money as a game. Some games are serious like chess and some are like Hungry Hungry Hippo. Money should be an exciting thing for people. Money flows in and out of our lives, why not have fun with it. You will be okay if you lose money. The most important thing is to be aware of your money and spending habits. You deserve to jump into the money game and learn to love the game.


Hope over to the Money and Flow Facebook group and we’re talking about You Are A Badass at making money. Reading the book for our Money Book Club and meeting Jen reassured me that money can help create financial empowerment.


You just like Jen should keep fighting the money fight even when it seems tough. Using the Jen mantra, it’s important to create actionable steps to Making Real Money Moves.

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5 Badass Steps to Activate Your Money


1.    Find your Financial BFFs.


All boss babes have financial best friends. Do you have a house, business, or job? If you can answer yes to one or more then you might get a lawyer. Lawyers get a bad rep, but they can be great financial bffs. Getting a lawyer, may be as simple as requesting a consultation which are 99% free and building a rapport with someone who is a professional. There will always emergencies, having a lawyer can help ease any legal issue that pops up. 


If you can’t get to a lawyer in place at least have Legal Zoom in your wheel house. Legal Zoom helps women with many legal options, from drafting a will to starting a business legally. Legal Zoom offers a flat fee for each legal designation.


Accountants are another financial best friend. Personally, I was terrified of accountants. Little did I know that accountants are gangsters. Have you ever had a relative or a friend that would go to a store and haggle for a cheaper price? That is what an accountant does but for your budget.



2.     Hold a forgiveness party


This is probably the most woo-woo request out of all them. As women, we were always taught to hold our emotions in. Always smile and be nice. These emotions are translated to money too. We all have money story from our mother, father, etc., but how do we actually feel about our money story? Are we crushing it? Or are we constantly, trying to put a financial smile on.  These are the questions that we have to start asking ourselves.


This is where a forgiveness party takes place.

A forgiveness party is a party where you and your friends write down your money story down and burn your story. For those of you that are unaware of money story, it’s where one writes down their past experiences. Writing down your money moments allow you to visually see what real thoughts you have about money. Writing through life has a week worth’s of money story writing prompts to help you figure out your money story.  One of most, memorial writing prompts is:


If money was your lover, would you still be dating them?


After you write down your thoughts about money, read the thoughts out loud. Reading your money stories, will be one of the humbling experiences that you will have. One of the reasons is that money creates vulnerability around people. Having you a-ha money stories is just as important as any moment. After your story. Burn that mother up!


Burning letters have a significant feeling 


As someone who is an ENTJ and doesn’t like to get woo, woo. I realized that writing down my money story was just important as writing as resume. When I first wrote my money story about two years ago, I realized that there were some positive money moments in my life but.... I also realized that I had a fear of abandonment with my money story.


My first thought about money is that money was going leave me. Some people that have abandonment issues stem from divorce or a parent moving away. Learning about my money story also helped me with my relationship story. Anytime I dated someone I tried to sabotage the relationship before it even started.



3.     Write a Job Reflection

Updating your resume is good. Writing a Job Reflection is even better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a server, you acquire skills every day. Be it conflict management, or coding, we often times forget simple things as learning how to send an autoresponder via email or learning how to meal prep (that’s an organization skill, y’all).


Writing down a list of things that you’ve learn on a google doc or a piece of paper will help you understand that your skills are valuable. You have valuable skills that you should celebrate.  Have coffee with a recruiter.  Ask around recruiters, to see what are the job responsibilities of your job?  See if you have acquired those skills. Uncover what people get paid to do your job at other companies.


4.    Money book club

Book clubs enhance your community and conversation. Starting a money book club helps you enhance your money muscle. If you already belong to a book club recommend a money book. If money book clubs are non-existent in your community. Hop over to our Facebook group Money and Flow book club. We are reading The Broke and Beautiful Life by Stefanie O’Connell. 


5.    Understand your Financial Ladder


If you’re sick you go to the doctor’s office. If you get in a car accident you call your insurance agency. Why not look at your money if you’re feeling stuck on the financial train. There are different ways to seek help and guidance for money.


 There’s a Financial Coach, Adviser, or a Certified Financial Planner. There’s a difference between each of the financial cheerleaders, and together we’ll break them down.


Eugenie George