Make Your Money and Flow a Reality


Have you ever found yourself hanging out with a group of friends and you completely lose track of time? Or how about when you have a big project due? No matter how much you’ve procrastinated in the past, in the final hours you are able to block out everything and finish the task at hand. All of that is called being in a flow state.


The psychology of flow is the optimal, is when you are complementing immersed in an activity. Positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi,  explains that a flow state is when one lets go of the ego and is focused on the task at hand. Now, before you think that this is too woo woo, there have been countless studies where Csíkszentmihályi has studied farmers to top athletes to dissect flow. There are also different ways of identifying your flow based off of your personality type.


The most important thing to note about being in a flow-state is that when one is experiencing flow they are using their skill set + a challenge to accomplish a goal. So it’s not just having a conversation with a person, it’s more like writing a screenplay with a best friend or working out.


Why is a flow state so important? Well, it’s because when we are in flow state we are also in the zone. The problem is that we are so distracted by EVERYTHING that only a small percentage of people get to experience this on a daily basis. Being in a flow state on a regular basis gives us a chance to shut out our self-doubt and focus at the task at hand. Many of us never immerse ourselves with things that get us into the zone, so we are always asking ourselves is there more to life.


Health and Flow


Flow psychology is very important to our health. According Ideafit when people are practicing a skill at work or doing something that uses their brain their health improves. Go figure! There is a strong correlation between people immersed in flow but happy people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, and they get sick less.


Money and Flow

Particularly when it comes to our finances, when it comes to wealth creation, we do better, when we flow. Certified Financial Plannerâ, Brittany Castro explains that in order to flow into our money goals we need to do three important steps:


1.    Financial detachment:

Write down your goals and create S.M.A.R.T goals but don’t fixate on them so hard that you don’t have fun

2.    Focus on your financial input:

What can you control? You can read about money daily or invest monthly, but don’t freak out

3.    Flow to create more abundance:

Give back, volunteer, help a friend, will help encourage financial flow.




Before we get started into action steps it’s important to not beat yourself never being in flow on a daily basis. Sometimes we have mundane jobs that don’t stimulate us. For the most part, companies know that we get distracted which is why marketing is a billion- dollar industry.


There is so much going on in the world that it’s also hard not to complicate our lives. Between diets and corporate wellness classes at work we are trying to fit a mold that isn’t realistic. None of us can Keep up with the Kardashians, because they can’t even keep up with themselves. Give perfectionism to the Ghost.


4 Steps to activate your Money and flow

1.    Dissect Your Life

2.    Target area that needs growth

3.    Use Grow Coaching Model

4.    Flow with the intention using activity


It is important to know that this is not ya mamma way of thinking, because in order to break old habits we have to create new skills. Instead of perfecting everything we have to flow into one intention. If you would like to hear about my recovery of perfectionism, you can read it here.


1.    Dissect Your Life

Unless you are a trained specialist it’s important to look at our lives in a couple of buckets:

·      Health

·      Wealth

·      Relationships

·      Career

This is because we overcomplicate things, yes, we do have more aspects of our lives, but for the purpose of this activity we S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y.


Draw out four boxes or sections that say:






In each bucket we add two things:

·      Glow: What are we doing well

·      Grow: What skill do we need to improve

Here is an example:



Glow: my cyst in my thyroids went away because of proper diet

Grow: After being on a diet, I’ve neglected healthy eating





Make sure you fill out all of the requirements, because it’s important to see that there are positives and areas of growth in your life and that is okay. Celebrate your glows.

2.    Target area that needs growth

Of course, we want to improve with everything, but that never works. What ends up happening is we get decision fatigue, or we have analysis paralysis. We over think everything. When we’re looking at our life we should only focus on one thing.

3.    Use Grow Coaching Model

Once you are done with this focus on the goal and dig a little deeper by using the GROW METHOD.




W-Way Forward


Take your Grow and create a goal around it



Grow: After being on a diet, I’ve neglected healthy eating


Example: Goal- To create a meal prep plan that helps me stay on the correct path and helps me save money. (Lil’ Dicky Gif )


Reality: The reality is that I don’t have much time to plan for my meals, so I must build weeks plan of food, based off of my diet.


Options: I can find other people who meal prep, so I’m not always wasting my time.

I write out all my meal preps as well as my boyfriends too, because when we’re together we think that cinnamon rolls and wine are a good idea.


Way Forward: Meal prep for two weeks and see if this is a good fit.



4.    Flow with the intention using activity

Here’s the thing most of our plans are always good on paper. We can PLAN the crap out of doing something but never following through. The goal is activating the physical with the goals.


Example: I can find other people who meal prep, so I’m not always wasting my time.

I write out all my meal preps as well as my boyfriends too


When I go to the gym, I stay on the treadmill a little bit longer to look at meal prep videos. I’ll watch a couple of them to see if each of them work. Then after my workout, I write down the grocery list.


You know what? Most gyms are near a grocery store, so I purchase the food as well. I know my people over at the Flow Genome Project says it’s not good to buy things when we are in flow because we have Marvel like invincibility. (Show gif), but I try to keep a budget for food, and I also buy a cinnamon roll too!


When it comes to wealth on the Money and Flow podcast I specifically discuss how yoga flow helps set up monetary goals.



When and Where do I use this?


I get this question a lot. I don’t use this method everyday. And it is really rare that I am drawing out boxes every week. What I typically do is quarterly, I’ll sit by myself in coffee shop or on a yoga mat. When I write out my ideas and goals, I typically listen to the instrumental music to block out distractions. Here’s my Pomodoro Spotify Playlist


Currently I am using the GROW method for finances bi-monthly. I’ve noticed that the money conversation slips when my ENTJ Napoleonic ideas take over. I’ll overspend if there isn’t overarching glows and grows for each category.



Is this method for everyone? Yes. You can do one of three things

1.    Watch a video of the method

2.    Listen to the Money and Flow Podcast

3.    Pick up a Money and Flow worksheet




Eugenie George