BACK TO SCHOOL: Revolutionize Your September with These Experts


It’s September, which means back to school, and back jumping back into our old and new routines. For some us this can be the worst feeling 😫, but if we make a few adjustments, we can fall into the holiday season with finesse and grace.

Today we’re going to talk about a few experts that well help us launch our health, wealth, and future goals. Can I get an Amen to that?


But Eugenie I don’t want to....




Tamika Kag


Surprisingly, there are not that many fitness people gurus that are relatable. Sometimes the fitness world, can be a very overwhelming arena. Some people are huge conceited folks.  Tamika is not that person. She has an incredible transformative story, and she big on cheat days. Voted as one of the dopest women of color retreats by Essence Magazine. 

Lauren  Gleisberg

Do you need your whole health routine need facelift? Do you want to boost your health without the big cost? Lauren Gleisberg is your girl! Ranging from 12 to 75 dollars, she has workouts and meals ready for you. The best part about it is that she has home and gym workouts, so there aren’t any more complaints of having to trek to the gym or not having a membership. Plus if you're concerned about the moves she's taken pictures for each move. 


Honorable mention: Lazy Girl Fitness Tips, because most of them are free


Mental Health

Better Help

Therapy can be one of the best or worst experiences that women have. Two of the most trusted sites for mental health are Better Help and Talk Space. They are incredibly affordable option. If you don’t want to go into an office this is the best version. Betterhelp is a more affordable  if you have an income issue you can negotiate the price.





Thought Card- Danielle Desir

There’s one thing to travel, but there’s another thing to have a set goal in your budget to travel. Don’t end up like I did in the Dominican Republic begging my friends and family to wire me money (I was 21 y’all).

Danielle is the travel budgeter guru that helps you save money while you travel. I’ve been fortunate to know her for about three years, and she is good people. Danielle also brings many different female perspectives in her blog as well as podcast.




Half Banked- Desirae Odjick 


If we had a dollar for how many good the “I will teach you to be reach strategies” out there in the world we’d have 10 dollars.  We have to be real about this. Or what about if we had to count how many times people would tell us that we should save our money into retirement only. We’d have 2 dollars.


Half Banked, is a great first-time investor blog. She breaks down everything from a have a low budget wedding to investing. After her half-banked investment course is the least stressful investing course, I’ve ever seen! And it’s free!!! 



The Ivy Investor-Courtney Richardson

“Stop the Glorification of Busy”


This is one of many gems from the Ivy Investor, Courtney Richardson. She is a former stock broker and now an attorney, which means she can help you with your money and if your boo is acting funny.


  If you need help with the following than Courtney is your lady:

·      Investing

·      Stocks

·      Real Estate

·      Retirement


If you're not sure how to start a money or health goal... Make Your Money and Flow a Reality ➡️ ➡️HERE