Black Girl Money Mysteries: Mental Financial Wellness with Kala Lacy


Welcome to our Black Girl Money Mysteries, in today's episode we're talking with guest co, Kala Lacy MFT, Yoga Psychotherapist(t)/ Founder @thewellhealing about Mental Financial Wellness

We had a great time chatting about:

  • Therapy for people of color

  • Experience of a black queer woman and her the start of her company The Well

  • History of the Tuskegee Experiment and the stigma of the medical community

  • Intergenerational Trauma

  • My journey of therapy

  • The power of being a student and accessing therapy

  • BetterHelp and Talk Space and the affordability

  • The right to cry like a woman of color

  • Maryam Ajayi article about Fragility in the wellness industry

  • Discovering when and how to be an Ally

  • Black Women Therapist

  • Therapy for Black Girls

  • Latinx Therapy

  • WOC Podcast Group


You can chat with Kala at Bend it Like Lacy on Instagram