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Hi My name is Eugenie ( u-jin-nay) and I am a grad student, financial educator, lover of yoga and comedy. I live in Philadelphia with my partner in crime Aaron and I have two bonus kids that I love to clown around with. When I’m not studying or working out I watch an abnormal amount of dance choreography photos.

I jumped into the financial industry in the craziest way, but I made my mission is to create financial planning accessible for women and women of color.

You can check out the podcast or if you want to hear the extended version of my life scroll down.


It all started when...


I was 8 years old. I went home and told my mom that the key to success was to learning how to golf. In my mind, I thought golf was an old person rich person sport.

I bought my first blazer two years later...

My name is Eugenie George. I am a recovering Type-A, ENTJ Woman. 

I thought I had the world on my shoulders I had gone to college, got a job, and got a boyfriend I was sold on the American Dream. I thought if I had everything I would be happy. Now, don’t get me wrong I am fortunate. I beat the system and I am a black, college educated woman something that women couldn’t of dreamed of 40 years ago.  I have freedom than anyone of my family members experienced.  #blessed

Even though I had received many accolades in my life, I still felt physically and mentally felt stuck. I tried to search for answers so the I turned to television and media, this turned out to be horrible, because instead of figuring out was wrong, I was trapped watching episodes of Girlfriends, and Gossip Girl, and I started feeling bad for myself.  I realized that I had a Quarter Life Crisis.

I blamed my problems on my job, friends, and money. I couldn’t emotionally explain what I feeling. I thought to myself ‘Is anyone else feeling trapped?’

Of course people were! This pissed me off, I started noticing so many talented people in their 20s feeling insecure, and feeling like they are not meeting up to their families or societal expectations.

What did I do?

I devoured books on being in your twenties, mid-life crisis, Type- A behavior, psychology papers (Shout out to Alice Stapleton!), self help books, and memoirs.  I flew to London to find a mentor, and eventually I started a company. 

I realized that most of my problems had nothing to do with a job, it was my mindset. That is my goal in life. SEE The bigger picture.

How’d I make my comeback? The secret is getting clear. Once I set clear goals with a financial coach, I was able to pay back my undergraduate student loans, create an emergency fund, and actually invest in my future. The same goes for YOU!

Research shows that financial coaching for women improves financial outcomes.*