How to find Your WHY Behind your Brand

eugeniegeorge_find Your why

There are so many things that make you unique. Your Personality to ability to find the best times to Flow.  You have so many gifts and talents, but here is the biggest problem. You are often “outshined” or “outperformed” by someone else. But here’s the truth:


There’s no way that you are inferior or less than anyone else unless you tell yourself that  

In today’s lesson of the second part of the be your personal brand series, we’re going to cut the flowery BS and guide you to clearly get to your WHY.

Your take aways will be the following:


  1. Look at your experiences

  2. Find special traits about you

  3. Create a WHY CIRCLE for your Personal statement


All of this will create your Why. This is incredibly important for your personal brand, because this is an authentic statement saying that you are who you are and you’re not going to change either.


Before we unpack the why we want to do a recap of the last two portions of the blog.  In our first article, Why you need a personal brand we talked about how your personality traits influence your brand. We also too a deep dive into understanding your personality and how that can leverage and help you to thrive in your community.


The power behind WHY.


Ever since, Simon Sinek Tedx talk on authenticity it seems as if everyone is on  the WHY bandwagon. This makes sense talking about our WHY because it feels good. Here’s the thing, everyone knows their WHY, but we typically get lost in the shuffle between work, family, and school life.


I couldn’t tell you how many weird people have come up to me and said, “What is your passion?What drives you?” Every time they talk to me about that I want to punch them in the face ( honest trust) . I would get frustrated about the question, because I think deep down the people that would ask me this question, they just wanted to talk about their passions.


So saying this statement would immediately make me cringe.


That being said, finding how your why is not only critical to your very soul, it will get you out of difficult situations, it will fundamentally help you when you feel like no one will and it will catapult to experiences beyond your wildest dreams.


Now You’re probably thinking what is the actual definition of your personal  WHY is this.  In Simon Sinek book, his definition is:

“Your WHY is a purpose, cause or belief. Your Why is the very reason you exist.”

So your WHY is basically everything that encompasses of who you are. It’s your DNA. It’s what moves you and drives you every single day.

WHY your WHY is so important ( tongue twister )👅.


Your WHY is your mission statement to the world. It attracts your personal tribe, It creates new opportunities, and it give you the ability to make a claim that you’re unique DNA has a purpose.


I know you’re probably thinking. Eugenie I know my why, so why do I have to say it in my personal brand? Well my friends you may know what your personal statement is, but other people don’t. And if other people don’t they will make huge assumptions about you. You have to say what drives you, not your job title.


Often times we ask people what their occupations are, but we don’t give a flying crap about what they do. We care about WHY they do that.


The honest truth about your Authentic WHY


When you actually dig down a look for your why it’s really painful. You have to go to a dark place and think about what are the experiences in your life that made you who you are. Here are some real examples from people that are major influencers:


Gary V: Grew up in the Soviet Union, and was able to get out of Communist Russia as a kid. Let’s be real. This is some traumatic childhoodish.


Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols, didn’t have enough money to put diapers on her son, so she promised that she’d never be this broken again. Steve Jobs was adopted, had to figure out who he was from the inside out . You get the picture.


Why is this important, because our why helps us figure out our traits and our personal mission on this planet.


You might be thinking…. I don’t have this traumatic stuff in my life to compare to. Here’s the honest truth, it doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced trauma that deep, but there is something deep down that made you who you are. It’s not cute.


Brief Personal Story. I will be very honest with you


When I was 16 both of my parents had to moved away because of money problems to two different locations. One in Texas and One to Southern California. I was left to make sense of the world and I was already very confused.


For years I had lived a double life. One life I lived in a not so great neighborhood, where I witness a lot people being getting into trouble. My other life was I illegally attending a suburban school where I was exposed to an affluent community.


I was a confused child. So instead of being my true self. I hid all of the things that made me me. I stopped singing in public. I stopped doing art and I became a secretive human being, but no one could tell because I was smiling. 

That was traumatic. The best thing that ever happened to me was I experienced a Quarter Life Crisis. I realized that I was killing my authentic self. It wasn’t until I had my slap back into reality that I am able to work in finance and start a podcast.

3 Ways of Finding Your WHY


  1. Personality Testing

By taking multiple types of personality test, you are able to get a wide range of who are today. A good recommendation is the Strengths test to see what your strongest traits. The Flow Genome Project helps you identify where you get energy from. Kaye Putnam Brand Test helps you see what brands or people that you are drawn to.

2. Journal writing

Reflection is key to finding your WHY. Without listening to the small voice inside of your head, you’ll never get to the place that you want to be. Take a piece of paper out and write the following.

“Write out a Situation and explained what actually happened What was the affect did it have on you personally? What did you learn from the experience? What did you decide to do so as to become a person?”

3. Interviewing Friends and Family

If you don’t know everyone you know does. Ask friends and family what do you think you are good at. Chances are they know your strengths