How to Boldly Leverage Your Strengths



Welcome activate your personal brand series. In this series we In the first, you'll learn the first fundamentals of creating a personal branding system and getting visibility.

In this series, I’m going to be showing you the step-by-step process I’d take if I were to start creating a personal brand from scratch.

Here’s what you can expect from the series:

  1. How to boldly leverage your strengths

  2. Find your WHY behind your personal brand

  3. Your Workflow Enhances Your Mindset

  4. 5 Steps to start NOW

The Ugly Truth About Women and Under-Earning

Everything that you do is based on your abilities and your unique experience. But why do we negate our skills?

The ugly truth is that we (as women) we don’t want to brag. According to a resent Linked Survey, women are including 11% less of their skills and qualifications on their profile than men. What does this mean? It means that for every job post we don’t include important skills and traits.

The funny thing is when we are stuck in our career, business, etc we ask people for advice. We never look within or reflect on our own traits. We tell ourselves the same thing time and time again: 

I need an expert, to help me out

I don’t know how I can get myself out of this slump

I have as many hours a Beyonce in a day, but Beyonce has a team to help her


This is something we all struggle with and it’s also what makes us human. In today’s times, the most important skill that we acquire is self awareness and boldly leverage our strengths. Your skills, strengths, and unique experiences that are the only thing you can share to the world. Which is why we need to support each other. It’s also important because we are under earning when it comes to our wealth.

Why is this important?

If women are under-earning, i.e not demonstrating their strengths they don’t have the ability to leverage and negotiate pay. Plus, it’s important to show other women our strengths, because women learn by example.

Don’t forgett

Which brings us to the next point! You must showcase your skills by creating your personal brand.


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Personal Branding demystified

Remember LiveJournal? Pre-Facebook, Live Journal was the most innovative platform to the world. I can remember being in high school and that was all the latest trend. People would hit me up via AIM and tell me that their LiveJournal was live.


For me, this was epic, because I was allowed to read people's thoughts online. Not only was it a way to get people's voices heard. I also formed a strong love affair with Tyrese's words. I digress…


Live Journal was a way for people to effectively, and not so effectively communicate who they were, their beliefs, and dreams. We were also able to see individuals personality traits. What exact gave them passion, drive, and encouragement.


Live Journal was incredibly helpful for introverts. Susan Cain author of Quiet said that “Introverts, in contrast, may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas.”

Live Journal was the start of personal branding.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is an authentic way to leverage your skills and creativity to your audience. Personal Branding separates you from the pack professionally and helps people/companies identify your personal mission in life.

Personal Branding is a social expression. It allows you to express:

  1. Personal experiences

  2. Write journal entries

  3. Create a new tribe

  4. Build new connections

  5. Show your interest in other fields

 Every time…

We click on the 234 social media sites, we are creating the signal to the world that we want our voices to be heard. Personal Branding demonstrates a structured blueprint way to authentically streamline our thoughts and communicate our core values.


3 reasons why should you create a personal brand


  1. Your Personal Brand Amplifies your professional and social opportunities. Now days even when we apply to jobs a question that people ask is provide your personal website [Insert photo of job applications].

  2. You have a lot of valuable experiences and skill set! A lot and the only skills that people might see online is your Spring Break Dayton Limbo pictures…. “Party Rockin in the House Tonight.”

  3. Online Reputation Management or #ORM


Online Reputation Management or #ORM

Online Reputation Management is when your reputation is being smashed by Trolls in the online world. When people Google you and they see your Dayton Limbo pictures they may have a negative effect on your brand.


Did you know that there are actual companies, that get paid to monitor your personal brand online? Say What?!

Personal Branding in 2018 ( This is some 💰money stuff )


Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of personal branding we want, to be honest with you. This is the best time to rev up your personal brand.  Before we shock you we think that you are amazing and we want you to be prepared.



Remember the crash of 2008?


I can and it was miserable. I can remember being in college praying for my student's loans to come in. Every day I would have to march over to the financial aid office and join a line of students to see if our checks came in.


Roughly, for the past hundred years, we’ve had an economic crisis on average for  Every eight to ten years. This economic crisis is what they call a bear market. When there is a bear market people start to freak out take their money out of the stock market and things aren’t pretty.


Why is this important?  


Because during economic crisis we break down and have identity crises.


When we have identity crisis we are faced with a challenge.  An identity "crisis" may occur at any time in your adult years when you're faced with a challenge to your sense of self. Our personality is often in questioning.


It’s good to have an identity crisis because you can grow from this experience


Financial experts are not sure when the economic crash is coming, but that’s the beauty of it. Now is the time for you to think about the life that you want to have and the life that you want to build. Creating a personal brand helps you figure out what makes YOU!

Now What?


It’s time to personality map and thinks about who you are and how can you create a personal brand that represents your personality. Using your personality will guide you to tell your story and recreate all the magic that is you!


Next steps….. 🤔🤔🤔


Think of this as a personal brand as a blueprint


You have a unique, personal story to tell. There are different ways you have overcome person struggle. EVERYONE has a HERO’S JOURNEY. And every journey needs some structure…..


I was in the same boat as you. :)

I experimented with my personal brand, and I spent a LOT of wasted money over the years with creating a signature process, starting/stopping, and strategies, but everything seemed to add more work to my never-ending schedule, rather than helping me achieve my work-life balance.

I was working three jobs, trying to get my name out there. Networking up the yin-yang and I was still making less than 30K and working over 100 hours a week.

I was working on everyone else’s dream and I forgot to see my own.

That is until I discovered my own personal brand and started experimenting with different strategies.

From then that I was able to scale my influence, find the right connections, and create my own business.

Trust me and believe it took some hard work… I ended going into a bit of debt ( I really want to be transparent😊)

The results were staggering!!!

I was able to triple my income, negotiate my salary and I got hired on the spot, without even applying for jobs.

Why do I say this?

Because rich or poor. College student or executive we all need to share our story. Our personal brand helps us authenticate our dreams and creates a mission state for our future.


5 Steps to a Personal Brand


  1. The first thing that you should do is take your personal brand audit.


Ask yourself…. If you could boil down who you are into twenty words what would it they be? Really think about it. Take a deep dive and ask yourself:


What are some unique qualities about my personality? ( in 20 words)


Chances are there are some key elements to you, but there are probably also some crazy traits that you didn’t realize that you didn’t have:


Take Miki for example



Like you. Miki has an amazing story to tell. Born an adventurer. She was always on the go. When we audited Miki’s personal brand we realized that

She had three important traits to share:


  1. Giver

  2. Organizer

  3. Charismatic

2. We also took a brand personality test

Kaye Putnam is the queen at branding so we used her personality branding test —> HERE

We discovered that Miki Brand Archetype was the Creator so we looked at Pinterest to see if it matches her personality and strengths and it leveraged her traits.

3. Become a Journalist and interview yourself


Here’s the thing we all like stories. Young or old we are captivated by people’s personal stories. We want to know why people do the things the do. This is your opportunity to create an audit ask yourself what are your strengths?


Chances are your strengths, derived from your weakest moments.


What are some things you overcome? Put yourself in journalist view. You have an amazing story to tell. Get out a piece of paper and write!

4. Rocking chair method


Imagine yourself as 90 years old and a young person asked you for advice. What would you say to that individual? What were some of the challenges that you faced? How did you overcome that experience?


This is your time to really think and create a personal blueprint of how you got out of the situation.


Chances are you create a plot line for your future. That’s the fun part.


5. Personality Map


What do you do when you are stressed? Happy? Do you punch a wall? Do you organize a strike?What are your specific traits? Are you an ESFP? Ambivert? Enneagram 1?


Take some personality test to really find out your personal brand is on a holistic level.  


Chances are your core values fall in the same


When we asked Kathy what her core values we uncovered that she had the same core values Oprah and former Demi Lovato. As an ENFJ, Kathy’s Heart centered, her personal brand is driven by helping people