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Why Your FICO Score Doesn't Matter

Everyone and their mom is talking about the improvement of FICO scores. The truth is FICO like other algorithms are always a work in progress. It’s great that our scores might jump up twenty points, but FICO is an algorithm that was released in 1989…So FICO is the same age as Emma Stone.

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How to find Your WHY Behind your Brand

There are so many things that make you unique. Your Personality to ability to find the best times to Flow.  You have so many gifts and talents, but here is the biggest problem. You are often “outshined” or “outperformed” by someone else. But here’s the truth:


There’s no way that you are inferior or less than anyone else unless you tell yourself that  

In today’s lesson of the second part of the be your personal brand series, we’re going to cut the flowery BS and guide you to clearly get to your WHY.

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Revolutionize Your September with These Experts

It’s September, which means back to school, and back jumping back into our old and new routines. For some us this can be the worst feeling, but if we make a few adjustments, we can fall into the holiday season with finesse and grace.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about a few experts that well help us launch our health, wealth, and future goals.

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The Two F-Words EVERYONE Hates

The two f words that everyone hates is feminism and finance. But why? Women are the sole providers for many families. Women also represent half of the workforce. But there are so many statistics that can published that discusses the lack of pay, gender equity, the me-too movement, etc. It can be shame overload. This article is to empower you and make you think about how you can create a mini movement.

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