Top 5 Money Podcast for Women of Color


Podcast help you grow and influence your decision making. Here are the top 5 podcast that are game changers if you want a budget facelift. Did I mention they are all women of color?

  1. So Money

    Farnoosh Torabi is the pioneer of Money. Ever since she popped out in 2008 with her book So Money. We can’t get enough of her honesty, and her no coupon lifestyle. Farnoosh interviews folks from Personal Finance Bloggers to women tv directors. For many millennial women it’s great to see someone of a Iranian descent talking about women’s worth and how we can maintain relationships, even if we earn more.

  2. Clever Girls Know

    Bola from Clever Girls Know gives us a unique experience of finance. Her cosmopolitan background from living in Europe to becoming an Citizen she has a unique perspective on money…. Which is save and hustle. We can’t get enough of her stories from her wedding photography side hustle to her compelling interviews, Bola does a great job of always providing a balance between motherhood, working, and having fun!

  3. The Student Loan Doctor

    You ever have that lurking feeling that you should be paying off your debt? Like yesterday? Have NO fear because the Student Loan Doctor is here. Sonia has helped everyone feel okay about their student loan debt. Including me! Listening to her podcast makes you want to laugh, cry, but then get to work!

  4. The Thought Card

    Millennials love to travel, but we never talk about budgeting for it. One of my conclusions is that we don’t have travel shows that talk about REAL budgets. Look no further because Danielle Desir talks about travel budgeting to how to open up a money management account for your budget.

  5. Trailblazer 2050

    Rianka Dorsainvil wants you to know about the lack of people of color in the financial field. There are 41 percent of folks that identify as a person of color, but less than 10 percent is dealing with our money. This podcast is about how people of color navigate the financial space.