How To Be Type-A and Awesome!

You are awesome!


Last week i talked about the madness behind this blog. In this blog post, I’ll be talking about the overview of being Type-A and 3 tips to be Type-Awesome!

There are so many good qualities about Type-As

  1. We are Urgent. That is a good thing when deadlines come around.

  2. We get ish done. Some Type-As can do donuts around people

  3. Competition is very important to us, we're always learning to level-up our game

  4. We like to-do list and we crush them

There is another truth too... Being Type-A is a challenge. It is a challenge because we want things to “work,” in our lives. We want to have a great family, career, and lifestyle. As type-As we strive for perfection, but the truth is there is NO SUCH THING as having a perfect life.

Oh crap. 💩

We’ve been told to believe that we can have it all. When Type-As believe we can fall into the heartache trap. 💔

What is the heartache trap? Well, it’s the reason why Type-As are a topic of conversation is from scientific research. In a nutshell, doctors observed men that were overachievers, and perfectionism were most likely to developed coronary heart disease by 70% (CHD). Our hearts literally start to heart when we can accomplish our goals. 

Here’s the thing. The thing is that there hasn’t been any studies since the 70s about Type-A culture. But what we do know is that there is a whole new flock of Type-A that has been birthed. Particularly millennial women. We are Leaning IN and are now the future of overworking and striving for the perfect life.

This doesn't mean that all people are Type-As are doomed. It means that we need to pay close attention to our habits and ask ourselves is this perfectionism or is this something that I can let go of?


The problem with Type-A is the ability to relax and not always focus on our to-do list. Here are some small steps that will help you switch from oh hell no to hell yes!


How to be Awesome in 3 steps

1. Fitness

Health is the most important thing in your life. If you don’t know have a workout routine. The time is now to start. For most of you Type-As you’re already on the workout train. For some of you who are avoiding working out because you can't be Tracy Anderson, get over that! You are you and Tracy is Tracy.

Walk everyday. Schedule it. You are awesome working out will help you crush your to-do list.

2. Money

Are crushing everything, but you have a hairy money problem in the closet. We get! Forty years ago the thought of boss babes wasn’t a thing. Women were not breadwinners. Get really clear on your money goals. If you’re unsure where to start, DailyWorth is the best place to start!


3. Find Your Type-B habits

Do you enjoy hanging out at the park? Are you an extremely slow eater? Can you read for hours? Chances are there is something that you like to do that forces you to relax. Schedule that thing in your calendar weekly. Start off slowly with one goal a week.

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