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Intro to Ancestral Financial Planning

In this blog post we will talk about Ancestral Financial Planning. The rationale behind this conversation is derived from countless women that I’ve worked with young and old, it’s the reason why I started writing a book, and jumped into financial industry. There is a huge disconnect between being a woman/ woman of color, trauma, and money.

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Women of Color: 5 Steps to become Financial Savvy in 2019 

There is power in numbers. Women have the ability to get stuff done if they work with a loving and supporting tribe. There are a lot of decisions being made in the public eye not by women, if we learned a thing or two from Iceland, it’s that in order to make big changes we must get into financial formation. 

Here are some quick tips to help women get started on making that money. 

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2019: Ladies, don’t set a New Year's Resolution, Set a Decade Plan 

Our views of time are so limited. It makes sense though, after college no one is holding our hands telling us that if we create life milestones, we’ll have a holistic version of ourselves. Which is why I love this new idea of planning your decades.  As a future financial planner, it’s no shock that I’m a big fan of this concept. But how does one start write out a plan for ten years?  

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Why Your FICO Score Doesn't Matter

Everyone and their mom is talking about the improvement of FICO scores. The truth is FICO like other algorithms are always a work in progress. It’s great that our scores might jump up twenty points, but FICO is an algorithm that was released in 1989…So FICO is the same age as Emma Stone.

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